Om firmaet

Eye-Grain ApS (EG) and TOXI-SCRUB ApS (TS) are family-owned sister companies based in Herlev, Denmark.  EG in its current legal form, was established in 2012 through a merger. The company traces back to 1998. TS is an offspring of EG, it was established in 2021. EG and TS act as one and support each other in everything. EG represents the iGRAIN® and Crop-Protector® brands, whereas TS represents the TOXI-SCRUB® and OZZI® brand. However, the two companies coordinate activities and intertrade.

We have subsidiaries/joint ventures in Uganda and USA, and a close partnership in Thailand. Further a larger number of strategic partners act as EG and TS distributors worldwide.

Our mission is to provide sustainable, high-tech, unique products and services at best quality possible or the best quality-price ratio for safe food and feeds.

Our vision is to ensure and optimize the quality of stored crops in silos and other warehouses. This supports better food and feed for the world, minimizes losses and increases profitability in the supply chain. To obtain this goal, we are 100% committed to keep the needs and expectations of our customers and business partners as our supreme focus.

The four core values which we live by are: cooperation, trust, sustainability, and ingenuity. We stick “Together for safe crop for the world”, and we support the UN global goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

We are driven by continual improvement in our approach to the customer’s needs; be it internal processes and performance or delivery of external services and products. We work by our ISO quality management system.

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14. september 2021