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    Thomas Schmidt


    Medlem siden 2021


    I’m an innovative engineer with a passion for system design and product development. I’m experienced with new tools for modeling interrelated dynamic systems containing aspects of control, mechanics, electronics and hydraulics. I have a pragmatic approach supporting my theoretical skills. What drives me is a desire to “make things work”.


    Founder & CEO Schmidt Innovation ApS
    juli 2015 /

    Developing mechatronic control systems

    Projects and Customers
    – Automated Combine test controller, AGCO A/S
    – Pitch Controller, Hydratech Industries A/S
    – Control System for Combine Test, Phidan A/S
    – Intelligent weeding and seeding control systens, Agrointelli A/S
    – Mobile control systems, B&R Automation A/S (ABB A/S)
    For more information and customer reviews:

    Chairman of the Board and CTP SteadySpray ApS
    dec. 2021 /
    Founding Partner Vesuv Ventures
    juli 2021 /
    Chairman of the Board Whistleblower Software
    okt. 2021 /
    Investor Moneyflow
    juli 2021 /
    Ambassador Nordic Female Founders
    nov. 2021 /
    Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education Appointed Examiner
    nov. 2021 /

    Appointed Examiner for Danish Master of Engineering graduates.

    Chairman of the Board Parktrac A/S
    feb. 2018 / jun.i 2018

    I represent the investors and work with the board to guide and assist the management team

    External Lecturer Aarhus University
    apr. 2018 /
    Founder, Co-Owner & Managing Director Diodan ApS
    sep. 2010 / okt. 2015

    Started a company in September 2010 selling LED light bulbs through a webshop. In mid 2011 I sold part of the company to my former partner Simon Jørgensen and Diodan ApS was established. My role in the company involved procurement, business development, IT, economics, administration and strategic decisions, leading to a merger with in 2012, a rebuy of the shares in 2013 and finally a successful take-over, by the company, in May 2015.

    Control Engineer Vestas Control Systems A/S
    jan. 2015 / juni 2015

    Investigated optimizations and parameter adjustments for the 2MW platform together with the rest of the 2MW Loads and Control team. The investigations were based on both dynamic simulations and field data. The software process was controlled using Atlassian’s Jira with extra toolboxes.

    The control plan for long term verification of the 2MW V100 controller was one of my larger contributions. It described the steps for accessing the performance of the controller based on field data. It also included SQL procedures to acquire field data and turn it into aggregated statistics. The plan was made from scratch and improved the current plan. It was therefore accepted as the template for future control plans across all three platforms (2MW, 3MW and 8MW).

    Another contribution was the development of an internal software tool, based on Matlab with a Matlab GUI. The tool allowed for a +100 slides power point presentation to be generated with a single click. Previously the task would require control engineers to manually generate +100 plots in Matlab, print the plots and arrange it in a power point presentation. The advantage of the new tool was a significant reduction in man-hours, higher report consistency, and also; a tedious task was changed so it was more fun to do. The tool was integrated into the standard toolbox used across all platforms in the control team.

    PhD Fellow & Development Engineer Kongskilde Industries A/S
    aug. 2014 / dec. 2014

    Started an industrial PhD on the subject of Intelligent Implement Control, while maintaining management responsibilities as R&D Project Manager for Kongskilde Illuminate (Patent pending). A development project concerning distributed LED work lights on ploughs. The light is controlled using an inclination sensor (aka. accelerometer).

    The project core revolved around aspects of machine learning and applied vision theory, supplemented with aspects of programming, control, electronics and hydraulics.

    Lead Development Engineer in Strategic Development Kongskilde Industries A/S
    maj 2014 / dec. 2014

    Since establishing a new department in Aarhus I now maintain a manager role, supporting my colleagues and managing projects. I also supervise our department in Poland regarding hydraulics and i assist my colleagues in Sønderborg and Sorø with matters related to hydraulics and test. I therefore have a lot of travel activity. My main area is still actuation and control, meaning that I am working with hydraulics, electronics, sensors and control.

    Project examples:
    – Modular Electronic Implement Control
    – Pattern Precision Seeder
    – Distributed LED lighting for ploughs

    Development Engineer in Strategic Development Kongskilde Industries A/S
    jan. 2013 / maj 2014

    My task was to challenge the status-quo and come up with new solutions and concepts for the future agricultural soil-products within Kongskilde A/S. Together with my colleagues in Stratetic Development I was to make the initial development for the prototypes, before the development departments took over the product maturing. My main responsibility was actuation and control, meaning that I was working with hydraulics, electronics, sensors and control.

    Project examples:
    – New Control system for Vibro Crop Intelli and Germinator Pro.
    – Fatigue test bench for grain augers.
    – Wearing test bench for plastic bearings.
    – Data scraping of tractor data. Providing overview of technical data for product managers and developers.

    Project Engineer, Industrial Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth
    sep. 2012 / dec. 2012

    Project Engineer within the field of industrial power application of drives and controls, with main focus on hydraulic power solutions. My main task was design and development of hydraulics for a cement plant in Russia.

    In addition, I extended my departments project handling tool with a GUI along with statistics functions for tracking projects. It was quickly adopted by the other departments as well, and is still being used as a tool to give overview for both the individual project engineers and their managers.

    After I left I’ve been asked to update the tool with more functionality as a freelancer.

    Smart Grid Research Project – Future Electrical Grid Connected Vehicle Aalborg University
    jan. 2011 / mar. 2012

    I participated in a research project involving major Danish companies about the future grid connected electrical car. My main task involved organizing, project planning and co-operating with senior researchers about the goals and tasks in the project. Furthermore, I had responsibility for leading two other student workers. I was focused on motivation which I tried to obtain through a specification of well-defined goals for my fellow student-workers.

    My second task in the project was to systemize the documentation process for the whole workgroup, where my research let me to a system build around the documentation-program Doxygen.

    I also programmed a Texas DSP, optimized for stability and efficiency, while maintaining readability, reusability and portability.

    Industrial Electrician ASME A/S
    feb. 2007 / sep. 2009

    ASME A/S is a company delivering industrial control solutions mainly to the offshore/marine sector.

    My main task was to install advanced electrical circuit boards with EX certification.

    My time here also involved a trip to Shanghai, China for 20 days. Working on an installation on an oil carrier with one of the former partners in the company Steen Pedersen.

    Electronic Technician MacArtney A/S
    jun. 2006 / okt. 2006

    Project examples
    – Test and soldering of electronics for underwater sensors and robotics.
    – Updated organisation of the workshops electronics inventory.
    – Algorithm development for using only a single MRU (Motion Reference Unit) for two AHC (Active Heave Compensated) winches, instead of using one for each winch on a vessel.


    2007 / 2012
    Aalborg Universitet M.Sc., Energy, Specialization in Mechatronic Control Engineering

    Aktiviteter og foreninger: Vice president of the Energy Study Board, Part of the Deans Council, Students representative in School of Science and Engineering.

    QUT (Queensland University of Technology

    Aktiviteter og foreninger: “Communication Negotiation and Leadership”, “Spacecraft Guidance and Navigation”, “Energy”, “Control Systems”

    2003 / 2006
    Holstebro HTX Higher Technical Education

    Aktiviteter og foreninger: Student president of the board of studies and member of the board of directors. Representing the students. To do so efficiently, I developed an online survey system in php, javascript and html to conduct questionnaires about student satisfaction. I presented the results for the board of directors at the general meeting.

    2001 / 2002
    Lomborg Ungdomsskole


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